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OHAUS Corporation manufactures balances and scales for the laboratory, education, industrial and specialty markets worldwide. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States, OHAUS Corporation has offices throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.

OHAUS Corporation was founded in 1907, when Gustav Ohaus decided to forgo a career in the gray iron foundry business for a business venture with his father, Karl, a German-trained scale mechanic. Together, they established a scale repair business in Newark, NJ.

In 1912, the father-son team introduced the Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance, which became the standard in mechanical balances. Soon after, in 1914, Gustav and Karl Ohaus were incorporated as the Newark Scale Works, coinciding with their first production of grain testing equipment, and the issuing of their first patent.

The following two decades included the patenting of the self-aligning agate bearing, designed to reduce friction and increase, and the introduction of the first die-case base which allowed for closer tolerances than sand castings.

World War II and after

The onset of World War II increased the demand for laboratory equipment, and thus an additional Ohaus-owned factory opened in 1941. In 1947, the former Newark Scale Works was incorporated as OHAUS Scale Corporation, and soon after occupied a new factory in Union, NJ.


The 1950s and 1960s introduced a number of “firsts” for the weighing and measurement industry, including the introduction of the Cent-O-Gram and the first Dial-O-Gram scales. OHAUS Scale Corporation became the first company to incorporate magnetic damping in low-cost reloading products, providing quicker results. In 1968, OHAUS also introduced a new line of school balances – simplified for use by younger students, while also affording the accuracy required for mass measurement instruction.

In 1969, the Gustav Ohaus Award program was established to honor educators for their commitment to academics, and awarded to entrants for excellence in science teaching. The primary drivers behind the rapid growth of the company was Gustov’s 2 sons Robert Ohaus, President and William Ohaus COO. Robert’s expert guidance of the engineering and manufacturing areas and corporate governance significantly increased the breadth and capability of the product line. While Williams expertise in Finance, Marketing and Sales rapidly increased the dealer base in the US and over 80 countries throughout the world.

Metric Teaching Aids

The year 1975 brought the introduction of Metric Teaching Aids, designed to simplify instruction of linear, volumetric, mass and temperature concepts for younger students. This same year, OHAUS established offices in England and Germany.

Electronic balances

Ongoing advancements in technology allowed OHAUS to introduce its first line of precision electronic balances in 1979, incorporating easily read digital displays and electronic weight measuring mechanisms for quicker results. In 1982, OHAUS introduced the Port-O-Gram balance, the first laboratory-quality portable balance with 1:20,000 resolution. The first electronic moisture determination balance soon followed in 1984.

Latin America

With an office newly opened in Mexico, serving Latin America, OHAUS changed its name to OHAUS Corporation, supporting its increasingly broadened position in the balance market. That same year, in 1988, OHAUS Corporation introduced the “E” Series Electronic Toploading Balance, a no frills electronic balance – the first of its kind.


Heading into the twentieth century, OHAUS Corporation expanded its presence further into the global community. In 1993, OHAUS established an office in Japan to serve Asia, and in 1998, OHAUS established offices in Korea and China.


In 1999, a new OHAUS Europe office opened in Nanikon, Switzerland, serving as the coordinating point for the sales and marketing efforts for all of Europe.

The 1990’s

Throughout the 1990s, OHAUS received ISO 9002 registration for its facility in Cambridge, England, and ISO 9001 registration for its Corporate Headquarters in Florham Park, NJ. OHAUS Corporation introduced the first modular balances, the Voyager and the Explorer, and the first full-featured portable balance, the Navigator. The 1990s closed out with OHAUS announcing a major product introduction schedule, including AdventurerTM precision balances, ES series of low profile bench scales, ChampTM II bench scales with CD indicators, Compact and Hand-Held scales.

The 21st century

Upon entering the 21st century, product momentum continued for various industries including the laboratory, industrial, foodservice, education and jewelry markets. Product introductions continued to incorporate new designs, software and improvements in function and operation.

In 2001, OHAUS moved its global headquarters to Pine Brook, NJ. Soon after, in 2007, OHAUS celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

OHAUS continues to maintain offices throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. OHAUS also remains certified as an ISO 9000 manufacturer, an accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization for companies that maintain a family of standards for quality management systems.

In 2010, OHAUS moved its global headquarters to its current location in Parsippany, NJ. For financial reasons the European office moved from Nänikon, Switzerland to Warsaw, Poland in 2013.

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